Shelby dines event makeup in pittsburgh pa

Event Makeup

Your upcoming event probably means one of the most memorable days in your life is approaching. Whether that’s your first prom, a school dance, a chance to address the city leadership, an award dinner, graduation, or a public speaking event, you should consider going with a professional makeup artist prior to the event. Event makeup allows you to not only feel great about yourself and your look, but it’s specifically designed to last throughout the event (no running to the bathroom for touch-ups in the middle of dinner) and the makeup photographs flawlessly.

With makeup, you can achieve that A-list celebrity look you may currently think is impossible. So many times, when you see your favorite stars on television you see them after two hours of makeup. Yes, they really do apply makeup before heading out their front door, sometimes even just to go shopping. Why? Well, because beautiful makeup and the application of such leaves these celebrities looking so incredibly desirable. Most of the famous movie stars actually look much like you and me (or worse), it’s just that they have such great makeup artists or have spent years learning the techniques that take them to that “next level” with makeup.

So whether you have a speaking engagement at your college graduation or a beautiful first prom that will forever be kept in pictures, please contact me and we’ll talk about how you can walk out the door looking more beautiful than you ever have before.

Please contact me to talk further about how we can work together on your photo shoot, event, prom, senior pictures, advertising shoot, or other special occasion.