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Fashion Makeup

Whether you model professionally or you’re an actor in need of new head shots, it’s important to have your “face” put together by a professional makeup artist. We know how to best highlight your strongest features and how to compensate for the amazing job the camera does of metaphorically “stripping away makeup” in the shots.

During your fashion shoot, whether that’s a photo shoot or video work, you’re going to want to have a makeup artist on hand. Not just someone who understands photographers (and saves them tons of times in photo touchups), but someone who is there to ensure a continuity of your look or to adjust your look on the fly. During the hectic schedule of a fashion shoot, you’ll be glad you have an experienced makeup artist there who can provide you with all the fashion makeup techniques used by the best models in the business.

My advice is that we meet prior to your fashion shoot and we go through a trial makeup consultation. We’ll try different looks and develop a personal skin care plan you can use forever. If your photographer or agency has specific directions for your makeup requirements, we’ll be sure to address those, too. Additionally, after we’ve found a look you love, you can talk your friends into a night on the town to really put that great look to the test!

I also am glad to work with aspiring models and actors. Even if you’re not sure how to go about putting your image together, I’ll be glad to help make makeup recommendations based on your skin type and teach you makeup techniques that will last you a lifetime.

I understand everyone’s situation is unique, so for specific quotes, please feel free to contact me.

Whether you’re looking to get your head shots done or have a fashion shoot/runway event coming up, contact me to discuss the possibilities of us working together!